Notes on Notes

The Basics of Taking Smart Notes

April 2, 2017

Nobody Ever Starts From Scratch – Take Advantage of It

Imagine you do not start with a clean sheet. Imagine instead some friendly genie (or well-paid personal assistant – whatever is more likely for you to have available) prepared a rough draft of your paper for you. It is already a fully developed argument including all references, quotes and some really smart ideas. The only

March 24, 2017

Why most books on academic writing are useless

Everybody writes. Especially in academia. Students write and professors write. And nonfiction writers, who are the third group of people my blog and book is aiming to help, obviously write as well. And writing doesn’t necessarily mean papers, articles or books, but everyday, basic writing. We write when we need to remember something, be it

March 10, 2017

Simplify your note-taking efforts…

…by distinguishing three types of notes A good note-taking system is simple, but allows complexity to build up. Those who worry too much about finding the perfect system end up spending most of their time thinking about their note organization instead of the content of these notes.Those without a functioning system in place might not

March 8, 2017

Getting Writing Done (GWD)…

David Allen’s organization system, Getting Things Done, is great. It has helped thousands to getting more things done with less effort. I use it myself to organise almost every aspect of my life – except for one: my main work. I am a writer and academic, and unfortunately GTD doesn’t really help when it comes

March 5, 2017

Welcome Letter

Dear friends, colleagues and members of the growing note-taking community, Thank you for your interest in this project! I’m happy to say that “How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking – for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers” is now available on Amazon and can be ordered at