Sometimes it's better to discuss it in person.


I am happy to help you with the organization of your notes, your writing, or other matters where you would like to gain more clarity.


As a trained coach and counsellor with an emphasis on systems thinking, I have helped students, academics, business owners, writers, and artists to make decisions, find their focus and get things done. I offer a non-judgemental outside perspective and follow a solution-orientated approach. If you have any questions about the coaching just drop me a line.

Update 2021: I am currently phasing out my coaching on the Zettelkasten and focus on developing an online course to make the key-insights more readily and broadly available. The launch will be announced on Twitter and through my mailing list soonish (subscribe here). I am still available for coaching on personal development and continue to set some time apart to help clients overcome struggles in their everyday lives. Please use the form below to check for free spots and to schedule an appointment.

My fee for one-on-one coaching via Zoom is $115 (€95) / 45 Minutes. (For students and those who couldn't afford it otherwise, I offer a discount.)