Sometimes it's better to discuss it in person.


I am happy to help you with the organization of your notes, your writing, or other matters where you would like to gain more clarity.


As a trained coach and counsellor with an emphasis on systems thinking, I have helped students, academics, business owners, writers, and artists to make decisions, find their focus and get things done. I offer a non-judgemental outside perspective and follow a solution-orientated approach. If you have any questions about the coaching just drop me a line.

The fee for one-on-one coaching via Skype is $110 (€95) / 45 Minutes. (For students and those who couldn't afford it otherwise, I offer a discount.) Simply check for free spots and schedule an appointment with the form below. After you received your confirmation you can use the PayPal button for payments.


I look forward to speaking with you!

45Min Skype (USD)
45Min Skype (EUR)